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ICD-10 Neutralizer

It is mandated for the healthcare industry to meet fast-approaching transition deadlines, understand and update their healthcare transaction processing standards based on the latest ones and allocate resources and funds for their implementation. All these tasks are daunting enough for many healthcare organizations worldwide. Our Product "ICD-10 Neutralizer" helps healthcare organizations address these most urgent regulatory and business challenges.

“ICD-10 Neutralizer” is an expert claim neutralizing solution unique in the marketplace with its end-to-end capabilities that facilitate an efficient, effective, and compliant transition. It helps payers, coders, providers, hospitals and other healthcare professionals in achieving ICD-10 compliance. It assists the legacy systems to handle ICD-10 codes by neutralizing them to ICD-9 codes and vice versa, so that the systems can handle the claim files in order to process the business transactions.

The product provides many benefits such as:

  • Improved administrative efficiency
  • Minimizes the risk by allowing to re-engineer the business processes
  • Enhanced ability of decision support systems to enforce guidelines
  • Enables a more granular reimbursement process
  • Reduces costs by enabling increased automation of the claims assessment process
  • Accurate determination in the payment process
  • Reduced costs for claims adjudication and reimbursement process
  • Improved provider network satisfaction and loyalty
  • Elevates competitive advantage by meeting stringent timelines

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ICD-10 Neutralizer