Tetrasoft Inc.

Legacy Management Services

The critical business operations of most of the companies worldwide still run on Mainframe systems and applications. These companies rely on the Mainframe systems to support their infrastructure and businesses. However, finding specialists and engineers to support these systems and applications has become a nightmare for these companies due to the rising popularity of the modern technologies like Java, .NET etc.

Tetrasoft helps companies overcome these difficulties by providing strong mainframe resources who have a deep understanding of legacy systems.

Legacy Management Chart

Tetrasoft follows a well-defined and mature application development process which integrates the complete Software Development Life Cycle methodology, CMM processes and Project Management practices.

With immense knowledge base and comprehensive resources spanning North America and India, we cover the entire spectrum of the application development lifecycle starting with defining business requirements and functional specifications, transforming the requirements into high level and low level design documents, implementation, testing and deployment. We work with our customers across all phases of development to ensure that they derive long-term maximum benefits.

Our Robust Application Development Methodology assures measurable value and reduction in time-to-market & overall cost. We provide our customers with high levels of quality and service required for competitive differentiation.

Application maintenance takes up the major chunk of any IT budget, leaving little or no scope for new development projects. Tetrasoft's Application Maintenance and Support (AMS) services help you reduce the cost of maintenance and free up critical resources for a service improvement agenda that keeps your key business applications well maintained and optimized.

Tetrasoft's AMS services on the mainframe include the following:

  • Corrective Maintenance – Reactive modifications to a software product/application already in Production to correct the discovered problems

  • Adaptive Maintenance – Modifications of a software product performed after delivery to keep the software product/application usable in a changed or changing environment.

  • Perfective Maintenance – Modifications of a software product/application after delivery to improve performance or maintainability.

  • Preventive Maintenance – Modifications of a software product/application after delivery to detect and correct latent faults in the software product before they become effective faults.

  • Testing and Deployment

  • Production Support Activities – Monitoring the application, running batch jobs, generating batch reports for the application users, and support activities for your operational software and application systems, providing L1, L2 and L3 support 24X7 using ITIL frameworks.

With an outdated IT environment, many organizations are facing the challenge of meeting today's business requirements. In today's competitive scenario, the agility of your business needs depends on the agility of your IT.

Legacy technology causes a lot of strain on businesses in many ways, including high maintenance costs, availability of technology experts, poor scalability and inability to keep pace with changes due to regulatory and compliance issues. This is where Tetrasoft's application transformation expertise comes into picture. Our proven service-oriented, component-based architecture is backed by our large pool of global resources with diversified technology skills spread across locations in North-America and India.

Our Application Transformation framework and services can help you boost reliability, system availability, reduce costs and drive higher ROI from your critical legacy IT investments.

Tetrasoft's Performance Management service offering consists of the following key components:

  • Application Performance Optimization
  • Application Tuning
  • Improved CPU Utilization
  • Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Tetrasoft's managed services Service Offerings on the mainframe have the following key characteristics and components:

  • Total ownership and end-to-end responsibility of identified services to be provided by us.
  • Managed using Service Level Agreements (SLAs) agreed between Customer and us.
  • Execution / Delivery methodology of service is absolutely transparent to the Customer.
  • Leverages Tetrasoft Production Support process framework and domain expertise at project and individual levels.

This model provides some of the following benefits to the customer:

  • Removes the management and execution overhead from customer.
  • Allows objective evaluation of services provided and clear identification of improvement area.
  • Clear ownership and accountability for services.
  • Derives benefits from Tetrasoft expertise and best practices.