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Product Engineering Services

With technologies evolving every day, Organizations are realizing that the fast-paced, ever-changing digital world presence will permeate into every aspect of their business. But, in order to remain competitive they must respond to the changing technology. Only capitalizing these trends will enable them to perform effectively.

Tetrasoft understands that these are times of extremely rapid change, and therefore conducts market analysis regularly to get an insight into the ever increasing market demands. Knowing market needs provides us with key information that is crucial for product engineering, and helps us build innovative products at lower cost that meet our client's requirement.

Our dedicated team of Product Engineering experts thoroughly understand the nature of client’s business and product requirements. They get deeply involved right from the start by understanding our client's business, their target customers, their competitors, and other business drivers and constraints. Our product development services use an iterative development methodology to meet constantly changing requirements, and ensure the timely and quality delivery.

Our product engineering services span across the entire lifecycle of a product right from conceptualization to research , from design & development to software testing, from systems integration to product sustenance and support.

Our Product Engineering Services Guarantee:

  • Reduced Development Costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Increased productivity
  • Quality Products with functional excellence

Product Engineering Services

Product development is an inherently complex and tedious process, which requires careful planning. Software development companies must understand that Product development is the crucial stage in the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) and must ensure to follow a strong process base, in order to develop products that are versatile enough to be adaptable to various challenges.

Tetrasoft is a dependable service provider of software product development services. We understand the challenges associated with Product Development. With our hands-on experience on product development, we create products that meet the dynamic market demands and deliver value to end users.

Our products showcase the technology innovation and creative ideas with primary focus on end user’s comfort and user friendliness. We gather the business, technical, functional and process requirements for a product and derive the corresponding Planning, design, and code to develop the product. Our team of business analysts and project managers envision a concept and lead it through the entire development process to come up with a product that stands out unique in the market.

Tetrasoft's continual approach of keeping track of the changing market dynamics and evolving with innovative technology solutions makes us a leader in the market. Our product conceptualization services enable our clients to attain and retain market leadership by extending their own product ideation capabilities. We work closely with our clients by engaging their IT and Management people right at the conceptualization stage.

Our Product Conceptualization services include:

  • Product Ideation
  • Product Research
  • Idea Impact Assessment
  • UI prototyping
  • Technology Proof-of-concept

The product realization stage is a constantly evolving process. After product conceptualization, product realization involves giving shape to what was conceptualized. Product realization and its plan are essential to every organization, as the product analysis and description helps organizations in developing and delivering products.

Tetrasoft offers product realization services from concept-to-deployment covering various aspects like product conceptualization, architecture and system design, development, product deployment and feature enhancement. We bring together people, technologies and processes to efficiently create a product that meet our customers' design aspirations.

By combining product ideas and product planning, we always aim to fasten the software product realization process for our customers and enable them to quickly reap time-to-value, offer a more complete product mix and thereby increase market share and revenue.

With rapidly evolving new technologies, it becomes vital for software companies to enhance their compatibility of products across different platforms to broaden their marketing reach. This endeavor can demand a huge investment in resources.

We understand the challenges faced by our clients and address them through our software migration and porting service offerings. Our experience in planning, managing and executing porting projects and migration services helps our clients re-evaluate their business needs, visualize product architecture and re-engineer products using the latest available technology.

Our migration and porting services (not limited to):

  • Platform Interoperability
  • Pre NET to.NET migration
  • Application server migration
  • J2EE to .NET Migration and vice versa
  • Database porting
  • Operating System migration

Tetrasoft is well equipped to provide support and maintenance services for products. Our expertise in software product maintenance and support stems from a long list of partnerships with software companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start ups. Our service capabilities provide a comprehensive framework for effectively managing the maintenance and production support activities of various products.

Tetrasoft’s support team responds quickly to the situation and provides comprehensive solutions that enable our clients to deliver on global initiatives and drive future business growth. We not only offer unmatched cost reduction possibilities, but also a high quality disciplined approach, to a wide variety of support and maintenance challenges.

Our Production support services include:

24x7 Support:

  • Early support and maintenance planning
  • Premier enhanced application management leveraging our globally distributed business model
  • Expertise in software product maintenance, database and data warehouse support, and website and ecommerce maintenance
  • Support product patch releases from time to time

Level 2 and Level 3 Application Support:

  • Remote and on-site support
  • Reactive and proactive support
  • Response time driven support
  • Troubleshooting and continuing maintenance support
  • Proven expertise in - Software product maintenance - Database and data warehouse support

Our Maintenance services include:

  • Software road map definition, execution and management
  • Software configurations, hardware profiles, customizations, upgrades and migrations
  • Designing, developing, testing and releasing enhancements/patches to products
  • Support for new platforms, browsers, databases, 3rd party software integrations
  • Development of updated installation packages for each patch release
  • Regression testing for each patch release

The ultimate goal for any company is “Customer Satisfaction”. Companies need to frequently augment the features and functionality of their products in order to sustain customer loyalty, successfully embrace competitive market dynamics and changing business needs.

Tetrasoft’s Product Specialists can help extend the existing product functionality to meet the specific business requirements through the development of advanced business rules.

Our Services Include:

  • Identification and Extension of Product functionality
  • Redesigning the product for improved scalability
  • Cross-platform integration

Product Re-engineering comes into picture, when the need to redevelop existing products arises; in order to improve their performance, modify their functions for better stability and also to take benefits from new available technologies and platforms.

The need for re-engineering on the same software product includes sustained porting engineering, product and quality engineering services. Tetrasoft has vast experience in executing re-engineering services. We handle it very efficiently by following a well-defined process, keeping the future in mind.

Our re-engineering solutions consist of well-defined strategies, proven methodologies, techniques and tools that assist in re-engineering process.

Our Product Re-Engineering Services include:

  • Maintenance of the code base
  • Bug fixes and release patches
  • Custom feature/functionality enhancements
  • Re-engineering for porting, migrating or upgrades

Product testing is more complicated, labor-intensive, and time-consuming than ever before. Product testing is an integral part of product development life cycle starting from the requirement phase to the implementation phase. It plays a vital role in delivering quality products within deadlines in a scalable, extensive and integrated environment.

For building quality products, consecutive builds need to be verified and validated in various environments, assuming different user-conditions. This process requires an extended testing team that is involved in the product right from the beginning of development. Tetrasoft offers the best product testing services to its customers through its team of testing professionals, who has extensive experience with all popular testing and test management tools.

Our testers not only fix bugs but also try to find out its root cause to prevent it in initial stages itself.

Key software product testing procedures recommended and employed by Tetrasoft are:

  • Validation Testing

    • Black box Testing
    • Configuration Review
    • Usability, Accessibility Testing & Analysis
    • Alpha and Beta Testing

  • System Testing

    • Recovery Testing
    • Security Testing (Robustness, Reliability Testing)
    • Stress / Load Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Compatibility Testing

  • Interoperability Testing

  • Globalization, Localization testing

  • Functional Testing

    • Unit Testing
    • Smoke Testing(Sanity Testing)
    • Integration Testing (Top-down Integration Testing, Bottom-up Integration Testing)
    • Regression Testing
    • Content Testing & Verification