Tetrasoft Inc.

Why Tetrasoft

At Tetrasoft, we always lay our focus on meeting our clients requirements in Information Technology. We help them envision and shape their growth around the key drivers of technology, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

We are an end-to-end IT Solutions Company offering a wide range of services across various domains like Healthcare, Banking & Finance and Supply Chain Management. Over the years, we have developed a unique model for addressing customers requirements by building competencies vertically and horizontally.

Our vast repertoire of competence begins with strategic consulting, factoring in the client's current as well as future competitive scenario. Following strategy consulting, we move directly to tailor IT solutions and services that meet not only today's but tomorrow's needs as well.

Our skill sets span key verticals as our consultants have mastered a number of both IT services and solutions. Enviable lists of loyal clients, who have regularly sought our services, are living proof of the Tetrasoft edge. It is their testimonials and our growing list of competencies that is helping to enlarge our list of clients every day.

Streamlining processes with IT: We enable our customers to effectively synchronize processes and information systems allowing for optimal operational efficiencies.

Managing IT enabled processes: We help our customers to focus on their respective core competencies by taking up the IT implementation aspect in which we have expertise.

Placing IT in the picture: Our design and implementation teams "take the thought into action" by giving the opportunity to our clients to see where IT fits into their scheme of things.

Managing existing technology and integrating it with new technology: Our tremendous experience in maintaining legacy systems for major clients has chalked out a distinct road map in terms of turnaround time, cost savings and resource mobilization, among the many other parameters for successful outsourcing of mission-critical applications.

Bringing people up to speed with IT: Our vast resource base of technically qualified and trained manpower brings the advantage of prime intellectual property along with savings in time and money.

Integrating process and technology: We have adopted the quality movement well ahead of its time, putting in place well-defined processes, which help introduce and implement new technology initiatives within an organization.

Optimizing IT resources: We have constantly endeavored to optimize the technology operations of the customers, be it cost savings, qualitative deliverables on time or quick response in production and application support. Our customers gain the time and energy to focus on critical decisions while we handle the operational management of the technology.

Creating better business value: We address different dimensions of the customers’ problems by applying our vast experience in multiple projects across industries and technologies in a variety of business cultures. Our capability to bring a fresh perspective on existing problems, streamlining the customers’ overall business process in the course of the engagement enhances business value of our customers.

Enabling e-commerce: To keep up in an increasingly competitive and fast changing business landscape, companies need to make their services and products available to clients anytime and anywhere. In partnership with a number of global leaders in e-commerce technologies, we offer solutions that span this spectrum of needs.

Software development at Tetrasoft is an engineering process where scientifically proven methods are systematically applied in order to generate the best possible results in any given situation. Our expertise lies in combining right execution methodology with a right business model to empower our customers in leveraging cost efficient and high quality Solutions and Development Services.

Our workforce is constantly exposed to various training courses on programming practices, software quality assurance and software engineering, as well as on specific tools and techniques such as configuration management, inspection and reviews. This process is supported by a hands-on quality assurance function and a comprehensive system of internal audits. Our processes help us to deliver exceptional quality and services that are in time and within budgets.

We are committed towards developing our people to their fullest potential. We value and seek diversity in our work force and create an environment that respects all individuals, encourages leadership, stimulates innovation, fosters integrity, and demands excellence. Towards this achievement, each year Tetrasoft invests in the professional development of its employees.

Our technical teams are assembled based on the following principles to ensure continuous improvement and teamwork.

  • Enhance communications as a means of unifying our employees
  • Establish and sustain a diverse work force
  • Encourage career growth for all our people
  • Broaden the practice of mentoring
  • Train our managers in the skills of leadership

In terms of People strengths, Tetrasoft has seen tremendous growth over the past years. Retaining professionals in the otherwise dynamic and high turn-around field of IT has been a highlight of our company's achievement.